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Thank you so much for your interest in my web page, and my Facebook page Enlightened Soul.

 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and share a little background on how I got started on this truly rewarding career path. 


RN, HTP, Vibrational Star Healer


Hi, I am Kim Nistler, Registered Nurse, Healing Touch Practitioner and Vibrational Star Healer . Ever since I can remember, I have always had a unique connection to people’s feelings and emotions. I was that person who tried to make others feel better through laughter or listening, which led me to pursue a career in nursing, which provided me the honor to care for some amazing patients, ranging in needs from preemies through hospice, over the past 12 years.  Each patient and family member I have met, is so unique.  I am humbled to have been a part of their personal journeys as they shared with me their strengths and exposed to me their weaknesses. These experiences fueled me with joy, compassion, strength and motivation to continue my own journey of finding my true self.

My intuitive journey started in my early 30's when I began taking classes on self improvement, reading about holistic healing, listening to my body through the practice of meditation and being open to all that is. I have learned, the more I connect with my Higher Self, the more information I receive about being a healthier human. This preparation has evolved into a passion of mine, to educate others on how to open connections to their Highest Self for their own personal improvement.

Through the practice of Healing Touch I have learned how to love myself unconditionally. What a feeling! When I look back at my personal journey, I am always amazed by the profound experiences I was a part of. I am no longer lost in this world, searching for meaning.  By coaching and empowering others to enhance their own abilities to self-heal and find unconditional love within themselves, my heart is beyond full.

As my practice grew, my intuition expanded into the galactic realm, where I learned each soul has an original Star Vibration. We are all magnificent pieces, connected to the Divine Energy of all that ever was and will be. Tapping into this energy connects you to your Highest Self, YOUR Star's Vibration.

I currently live in Minnesota with my husband of 18 years and 2 children. My family has truly benefited from these healing techniques. They are healthier. They sleep better. They are prone to less emotional outbursts and have an overall sense of direction, meaning and purpose in their own lives.

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