Vibrational Star Healing: Healing Touch/Reiki

I connect you to YOUR original Star Vibration through Divine Source Energy. This technique is specific to Kim. Kim connects with Universal Love Energy, Angels, Galactic Guidance, Spirit Animals, Oracle Cards, Essential Oils and Affirmations, to identify and shift the negative energetic patterns causing your physical ailments. Vibrational Star Healing is an effective modality to decrease pain, create a feeling of euphoria, bring purpose and clarity to your direction in life, open your intuition and release fears, thus allowing you to achieve an enhanced connection to your Highest Self: YOUR Star Vibration!


Aura Frequency Healing

Utilizing Vibrational Star Healing along with essential oils applied to the feet and/or spine to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Oils are either picked by client or by practitioner using intuitive guidance and client's symptoms. Creates a feeling of euphoria, peace of mind and excitement for life!


Intuitive Soul Coaching

Through Divine Source Energy I connect you to your Star Family, Angels, Spirit Guides, Past Lifetimes and/or your own energy, to provide answers to transpire you to your highest good in this life time. Each session is personally unique in the messages that come through. I may also provide Healing Touch therapy or Vibrational Star Healing during your session if your body is asking for it.  


Planetary Connection

This is a guided meditation to connect you to your memories of a Starseed life.  Most people ‘see’ it as watching a movie or actually viewing that life through your own eyes, as it played out. I escort you into the lifetime and aid you in the unveiling of the point / cause / development of that Starseed.  

Requirements: able to meditate and an open mind. I include notes or a recording of the session and Vibrational Star Healing. 

~Developed by Kim Nistler


Past Life Guided Meditation

This is done in person only. You are NOT hypnotized. There is no "mind reading". You are in control, as I guide you into a past life (or multiple past lives) with the help of your Higher Self. Most people ‘see’ it as watching a movie or actually viewing that life through your own eyes, as it played out. I escort you through the lifetime(s) and aid you in the unveiling of the point / cause / development behind the issue you are struggling with today.  Simply identifying the starting point is all it takes to begin the release process of what has been carried over from a past lifetime into your current lifetime. Vibrational Star Healing is incorporated.  


Young Living Essential Oils

I choose to use Young Living Essential Oils because of the amazing vibrations they offer. I can feel the power and love resonate with each drop. Young Living takes pride in their proprietary Seed-to-Seal production process, they produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. They are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils. Not only do they carry amazing oils, but they offer cleaning products, hair care products, make-up, animal care products and more!  I offer in home classes and education. My team is committed to changing their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with Young Living Essential Oils!


House Cleansing

Do you feel uneasy, drained, worried, sad, or irritated when you enter a building, home, specific room or space, for no apparent reason? Then it is time to clear your surroundings of stagnant and negative energy.

Spiritual house cleansing is a beneficial way to keep your environment vibrant, peaceful, and full of positive energy. I use a variety of resources to purify your space; essential oils, sage, gemstones, Vibrational Star Energy and positive affirmations.

The BEST part...I will teach you the process, so you can feel empowered and confident using this practice to purify your space in the future!

This can be done in person within 45 miles of Becker, MN or via Zoom. 



I have a such a deep love for Hospice clients of all ages. I was a hospice nurse for two years and I cherish that I am continued to be pulled to help people transition. This is a very special time for the client and their family members. I use Vibrational Star Healing to transmit peace and relaxation during this special time.  I meet people at their own spiritual connection and enhance their own beliefs, releasing fears that hold a person in pain, anxiety and restlessness. I will come to clients home if within a thirty mile radius of Becker, MN or this can be done via phone or Zoom app. Please contact me to schedule. (Please do not hesitate to inquire!)


Home Parties

Excited and want to host a party or class with your friends or family in your space? GREAT!  I offer Vibrational Star Healings, Readings and Classes. Please look under classes for choices and more details. Contact me to schedule. 

What to Expect

Healing Touch / Vibrational Star Healing


You remained fully clothed, lying on a massage table with the option of a light blanket cover.  If you choose to do Aura Frequency Healing (incorporate essential oils to feet or spine) those areas would then be exposed. 

Intuitive Soul Coaching

It is not a requirement for you to have a question in mind, however, doing so can help direct your guides to advise on a situation or matter.  I will be able to pick up what is keeping you from achieving your highest good- emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  

Past Life Guided Meditation

This modality is more efficient for those clients who meditate, however it is not required.

Planetary Connections

Having experience with meditations is required and an open mind. Kim comes from a place of love and Pure Source. She uses the connections of Pure Source, Love and Spirit Guides to lead you through this experience, allowing yourself to feel confident in keeping you connected to your Higher Power at all times. 

Contact Kim

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Embracing Love From Within

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or to schedule an appointment. 

Appointments available by phone, Zoom and in person: Becker, MN and St. Cloud, MN locations


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